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The webinar is based on a recently published vision paper that discusses the advances made over the last three decades in coastal sand transport and morphodynamics, and the research needs for the coming decades. The prime focus of the paper is on the relationship between the transport of sand particles and fluid motions in the coastal environment based on laboratory and field...

Continental Shelf Research Volume 79, 15 May 2014, Pages 46–53, Numerical Modelling of Tsunamis, Tsunami flood modelling for Aceh & west Sumatra and its application for an early warning system B.A.D. Van Veen, D. Vatvani, F. Zijl For implementation of a regional Tsunami Early Warning System (EWS) in Sumatra island in Indonesia, a set of detailed and accurate tsunami propagation...

Special issue: Understanding sediment transport and geomorphic evolution in an estuarine-coastal system: San Francisco Bay The San Francisco Bay Coastal System is a complex marine system with powerful waves and tidal currents, intricate estuarine circulation and sediment transport patterns, and significant anthropogenic influences. The Bay is an urbanized estuary that is impacted by...

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