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Arjen Luijendijk
Arjen Luijendijk
M.J.F. Stive
Delft University of Technology
The Netherlands
Start date:
May 2013
End date:
May 2018
Towards a seamless approach for coastal morphodynamic modelling


The focus of this PhD study is on working towards an efficient seamless modeling approach in which processes and features can be activated temporal depending on the forcing conditions combined with an efficient spatially representation given the goal of the modeling. Often, numerical simulations for coastal interventions are conducted incorporating all processes and (complex) formulations from the start till the end of the simulation. However, some features or processes only have added value during part of the simulation. To achieve such a seamless model approach Delft3D Flexible Mesh and XBeach will be online coupled enabling a temporal and spatial activation of e.g. long wave effects. At the same time this enables a spatial variation of the level of representation of e.g. waves; only detailed calculation of waves near the surf zone and a different wave calculation offshore. 


In addition, the aeolian transport model AeoLIS will be integrated in this environment. In order to enable flexible couplings between the three abovementioned models, a component-based environment will be developed using the BMI method (Peckham, 2013). This allows a serial coupling of Delft3D FM and XBeach steered by a control module. In addition, a parallel online coupling, with information exchange in each time step will be made with a separate model that predicts the bed level changes at the intertidal and dry beach area.


To illustrate the added-values of this integrated and flexible approach both in accuracy and computational efficiency, the frequently monitored Sand Engine mega nourishment in The Netherlands is used as a case study.