A bugfix '02' of the Deltares iMODFLOW version 3.0 was released for licensed iMOD users: iMODFLOW_V3_00_02_METASWAP_SVN1004_X64R.exe.  For details please have a look at the release notes .  This bugfix can be downloaded via the link provided to the licensed iMOD-user. Beta version 76 of the iMOD GUI was made available for testing for licensed beta release users: ...

Per July 1 st , 2013 a group of five iMOD-user-consortia initiated the project " iMOD Beheer en Onderhoud, Helpdesk en Website "  aiming a co-ordinated further development of iMOD and enhanced maintenance and support. For more info please click here .

From June 17th 2014 iMOD is open source; the source code is available for  downloading

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