The iMOD International User Day will be held at November 1, 2016 in Delft, The Netherlands. It is part of the Delft Software Days 2016. For details, click here .

The World Bank IBRD . IDA and SAWI published Application Overview and Review of Water Resource Software: ' iMOD, with the pre-processing and post-processing, strong visualization abilities, strong support, and open source availability, is the strongest candidate of the groundwater models evaluated and thus recommended for groundwater modeling '. For the full report click here .

We are happy to annouce a new release iMOD 3.4 is now are available.  The main reason for this new release is the new GeoConnect Tool functionality:  In many cases groundwater model layer parameters are based on assembled (e.g. summed) detailed geological aquifer- and aquitard-properties (elevation, thickness, geometry (extent), hydraulic conductivity, etc.); the...

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