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Short-termmanagement of hydropower assets of the Federal Columbia River Power System by Dirk Schwanenberg, Min Xu, Tim Ochterbeck, Christopher Allen & Divas Karimanzira (2014), Journal of Applied Water Engineering and Research.


Talsma, J.; Patzke, S.; Becker, B. P. J.; Goorden, N.; Schwanenberg, D.; Prinsen, G. (2013): Application of model predictive control on water extractions in scarcity situations in the Netherlands. Revista de Ingeniería Innova 6, 1–10.
At the moment we don't have any direct link to the article. So please contact rtc-tools@deltares.nl for details.

At the Delft-FEWS user day within the frame of the Dutch Deltares Software days, Jan Gooijer from water authority  Noorderzijlvest presented FEWS Noorderzijlvest:

FEWS Noorderzijlvest – van calamiteiteninstrument naar brug tussen meteorologie en waterbeheer

RTC-Tools is an important model component within this operational forecasting system. The slides can be found here: http://www.dsd-nl.nl/symposia/delft-fews-gebruikersdag/

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