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Typo in roelvink.f90

Michele Bendoni, modified 4 Months ago.

Typo in roelvink.f90

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Dear all,


is it possible there is a typo in the present available trunk version of xbeach (version 1.23.5526 XBeachX, downloaded today)? When compiling (centos cluster), I got this error:

roelvink.F90(216): error #6404: This name does not have a type, and must have an explicit type.   [PI]
      s%Qb(i,:)   = 1 + 4/(3*sqrt(pi)) * (R**3 + 1.5d0*R) * exp(-R**2) - xerf(R)

substituting pi by par%px (also into s%D(i,:) = ...) solved the problem. Was it a typo or there is a reason for the use of a different variable for 3.14...?





Menno de Ridder, modified 4 Months ago.

RE: Typo in roelvink.f90

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Hi Michele,

You are right. We wanted to rename the variable par%px to pi, but this should not yet be in the trunk. I updated the trunk with the correct version of roelovink.f90, where pi is replaced by par%px. Thanks for the update!